Pairing Pot Perfectly

Looking down the staircase beyond the point it disappeared over the edge of the gorge, I was grateful for the fleeting thought I had earlier that morning. I had decided to go with the ‘Golden Goat”, an energetic sativa leaning hybrid. Had I selected the “Kosher Kush”, a relaxing Indica leaning hybrid, there is no way in hell I would make it down all 98 steps let alone make it back up. But with a strong sativa buzz filling my head I started down the side of the gorge. It was well worth the walk. The beautiful Sable falls lay before me. I sat on the platform and soaked in the scene. This is what it is all about. Sitting by a natural wonder and enjoying a perfect buzz with loved ones. This was living the high life.

The trip to the falls was a great experience. The memories we created will be shared for years to come. But it almost didn’t happen. Had I smoked the Indica before the hike that morning the trip would have been ruined. Even the thought of walking down a hundred steps with a strong Kosher Kush or Do-Si-Dos body buzz is enough to exhaust me. On the other hand, the energizing sativa buzz was perfect for a strenuous hike.

Pairing cannabis with our activities is every bit as rewarding as pairing wine or beer with food.   When we find the right combination, our enjoyment can be greatly amplified.  If we are careless, we can find ourselves wishing we were sober.  I prefer the former, as I am sure you do as well.  By combining a little research with just a bit of planning we can ensure the cannabis we choose matches the experience we desire.   

I was a terrible student in school.  Luckily cannabis research is way more enjoyable than identifying the differences between socioeconomic influences of third world countries.   Exploring different cannabis strains and learning how they affect me personally is nothing like the homework I had in school.  I actually enjoy this education and have some great memories of the “lessons” I have learned.  In order to keep track of our education I highly suggest starting a “strain log”.  This will be used to catalog the strains that we have tried and the affects they have on us.  We will later use this information to properly pair the cannabis strains with the activities we engage in.  

As of this writing there are over 800 named cannabis strains recognized within the industry.  These can be categorized in many ways.  For this article we will break them down into four groups based on the general affect.  These groups are, Indica, Sativa, Indica Leaning Hybrid, and Sativa Leaning Hybrid.   Indica strains are known for their heavy body buzz and sedative affects.  These strains are good for end of the day relaxation, stress relief, and bedtime.  Sativa strains are more of a head high with uplifting energetic buzz.  These strains are great for social activities and creative tasks.  Indica Leaning Hybrids, and Sativa Leaning hybrids are crosses of Indica and Sativa strains meant to combine the affects of each.  The bulk of marijuana strains available in dispensaries today are of one of the hybrid categories.   The affect of these strains varies depending on the balance of Indica, sativa, and terpenes in the strain.  Understanding the affects of a strain will greatly improve your experience.

So how do we begin cataloging cannabis strains in a way that will be helpful to us?  Well, we start by identifying the traits that we want to keep track of.  This will be different for each of us but here are some examples.  Strain name, purchase location, grower name, taste, smell, smoothness/harshness, time of day used , how do you feel before using, and most importantly how do you feel after using the strain?  Be specific when describing the effects.  Detail the way your body feels.  Is your thinking different?  Do you get red eyes, or cotton mouth?  Do you get the munchies or get paranoid?  Does this strain make you chatty and social, or does it produce a strong couchlock and put you to sleep?  The more detail you give yourself the better.  When it comes to choosing the right cannabis later, the information we provide now will be invaluable, so take your time and describe the buzz the best you can.   

Now that the research is covered, we need to do just a little bit of planning to make our pot parings perfect.  With your traveling companions gathered, write a list of the activities that you will do while on your trip.  Don’t forget to include points of interest while traveling to or from your destination.   Next, using your strain log for reference, select one or more strains for each of the planned activities.   To make things easier I typically stick to 2 – 3 strains that will cover most things I enjoy doing.   I find that works well in most cases.  Occasionally I will bring a strain for a single specific event.   For example, If I plan on going to a buffet, I may take along some Orange Skunk which I know from reviewing my strain log, gives me an insane case of the munchies.  That’s it, that is all the planning that is required.  Simple as it may be, the 5 minutes of planning can make or break your trip.

Pairing cannabis strains with our activities can only add to our enjoyment, if we take the time to do so.  The research required is some of the most enjoyable homework you will ever complete.  Get started today.  Get a notebook and begin cataloging the effect your favorite strains have on you.  The next time you have an adventure planned, pull out the log and pick a strain that matches the activity and accentuates your enjoyment.   Subscribe to Dank Tourist now to stay up to date on the coolest cannabis adventures and while you’re at it, drop us an email to tell us about your Perfect Pot Pairings.